Arcana (SNES) Text Dump


Attached to this post is an almost complete Text Dump from the Super Nintendo game Arcana.  It currently has ALL dialogue, items, spells, locations and some other misc stuff. Left to be done is item, and spell descriptions. Also it should be noted that i started this in Notepad ++ but for whatever reason wordpress will not let me upload a .txt file so i had to convert it to a .pdf so the formatting is a kinda off but still readable.

For the moment there are alot of entries into the Misc. section and i plan on cleaning this section up after all the text is dumped from the rom. After the text dump is completed i also plan on making a python program that will change certain text to whatever the end user desires, within the limitation of what the rom is capable of displaying.

Hopefully someone out there will find this useful.

Arcana Text PDF

3 thoughts on “Arcana (SNES) Text Dump”

    1. Yes, I personally only speak english, however if someone was to translate it, it would
      be simple enough to insert into the rom. Arcana has no encryption on the text therefore
      all the text is visible in a hex editor.


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