Text Encryption and Decryption python script

So i have been back to programming for a few weeks now. I started visiting some other languages before i decided whether i wanted to stay with python or not. Ultimately i decided to stick with python and i love it so. It had been a few months since i coded anything and needed to brush up on my python skills.

I wrote a few programs to get back into the flow of things, one of which i will post here. Its not that great or that hard to be honest. Its a simple text encryption and decryption script. Basically you give it a string of words or a word and it will encrypt it in whatever encryption method is chosen by the user and is available. It will then give you the encrypted message and also write the message to EncodedMessage.txt which will go into whatever folder the .py script is located.

Likewise for decryption it will ask you for a .txt file name which will need to be in the same folder as the .py script. Then it will give you the decrypted message and also write the message to DecodedMessage.txt which will be located in the same folder as the .py script.

I have a few more plans for this program like adding some more encryption methods and i would also like to add the functionality of the decryption function to allow the user to type in the encrypted message or reading it from the text file. At the moment it will just read it from a text file. Hopefully someone out there enjoys it or learns from it.

here is the git repository

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