Case of Dungeons Translation Part 1

I was hoping to have some screen shots to accompany this post however Neko Project 2 PC-98 emulator only exports screen shots to Bitmap (.bmp) format and WordPress will not accept them. I will convert them png files and upload them this week to show the progress.

However it has been a productive weekend! For the most part this is an easy translation since there is very little dialogue and the bulk of the text that needs translated is words such as items, equipment, monsters, etc. At the time of this update I have translated all restorative items, all characters names, class titles, and title menu. That leaves a few paragraphs of dialogue, enemy names, weapon and armor names, and a few miscellaneous character menu words.

I’ve yet to finish my play-through of this game but that should be finished by the end of the week so if you wish to view it, it can be found here.

Until next time!!

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