Case of Dungeons Translation Project Part 3

This is a much larger update than the last one. Weapons, and armor are complete and monster names are at around 95% complete. There are still about 5-6 names that need to be translated yet. Also some addition text has been completed as well. For the pics I will start with the monsters however I won’t be displaying all of them because there are quite a lot. Here are a select few!

Here are a few more random pics of misc text that has been translated.

I didn’t take screen-shots of all the weapons, armor, and items that I have translated. But they are all completed. After finishing the last few monster names I will be moving on to the rest of the misc text and lastly tackling the 4-6 paragraphs of text pertaining to game story.  Also if anyone is interested in play-testing my current version of this project let me know.

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