A smaller update this time but I wanted to share a few more pics. Also there is no guide for this game at all that I could find so in the next post I will be doing a small guide on tips and game-play. Not to the extent you would find on GameFaqs but hopefully it will help someone who may be interested in this game. Even with an English translation the game-play is unconventional and direction is vague so I feel its needed. I believe with a small guide the game is easily playable in its native Japanese language.

On to the pics. First a few monsters.

Just a side note, I haven’t uploaded any pics of boss monsters. Also for those who may be able to read Japanese you might notice that the Red Element untranslated pic reads “Buru Eremento” in romanji which is Blue Element. This must be a typo because there are actually 2 “Buru Eremento” in the game, one blue and one red. Therefor I took it upon myself to fix this in the English translation and name it Red Element.

Now for some misc pics.

As you can see in the misc pics, I’ve translated the floor level your on when viewing the map. When an attack misses I changed the text to display “Attack has missed” and removed the Kanji that reads “no equipment” to display “Unequipped” when your character does not have anything equipped.

Next time a guide, until then! 🙂


  1. i was bored on the net looking for old rpgs and i found this peculiar project of yours so i guess all i can do is wait until the translation is done since the game looks kinda interesthing


    1. If you would like I can give you a copy with what I have translated so far to play. Its easily playable in the state its in now. Also I’ll have a guide up in a day or 2 to explain some game mechanics.


  2. Hello and nice to meet a fellow fan translator who is focusing on a PC-98 project! I’m looking forward to playing Case of Dungeons and I’d love to give it a spin sometime when it is in beta on a real PC-98 machine. I can even stream it live from real hardware as well if you wanted to see how it performs. Other than from your work on this project, I was curious if you had plans to work on any other PC-98 projects as well? The PC-98 is getting more and more popular these days and quite a few projects are starting up, but we’ve created a more or less a central place for this new scene that is really growing. I wanted to see if you might be interested in joining either the PC-98 Central Discord group ( or the newly founded PC-98 Central Forums ( The forums are kind of an offshoot of the Discord community which now has roughly 200 members and is a great way to bounce ideas or get help with various projects since there is a lot of us working on stuff. We just finished our 3rd translation project recently for CRW: Metal Jacket, as well as Rusty, and 46 Okunen Monogatari (EVO: The Theory of Evolution). Feel free to check our page out as well if you are interested.

    Hope to see you around and good luck on Case of Dungeons!



    1. Thank you for your comment and the YT sub, both are greatly appreciated.
      I will definitely stop by your site and join the forums. A community
      focused on the pc-98 is just what I needed as it will be the primary
      platform for my translations. As for Case of Dungeons I’m a bit stuck
      and planned on posting on the current status of the project, I think I
      will do so later today. However I will be uploading what I have so far
      so feel free to check it out and tell me what you think. I subbed to
      your YT channel as well and especially liked the pc-98 videos playing
      music on actual hardware.

      Thanks again for stopping by.


  3. Honestly if you are stuck, I would definitely recommend joining up on the Discord Community and heading over to the #Translation Discussion. There are several translators and programmers that are all working on various projects and exchange information or can take a look at some issues or problems as they come up. 🙂

    Also we’ve been working on a Patching utility called Pachy98 which can be a great way to distribute the patch.

    Hope to see you there!



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