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Arduino Amp

For my next project i wanted to do a small amp. This project is very simple thanks to the LM386 IC.


Here are the parts required.

1 speaker

1 LM386

1 .1uf – .05uF Capacitor

1 220-250uF Electrolytic Capacitor

1 10 ohm resistor

1 10k Trimmer Potentiometer

1 audio plug based on how you wish to hook up your amp

For the audio plug as you can see in the picture i provided i used a 1/8th mono plug. You could use an RCA Plug or even a larger audio plug if you wanted based on need.  I would also like to point out that the schematic calls for a 10 ohm resistor, however I did not have a 10 ohm so i used the lowest i had which was a 220 ohm. A few days later i salvaged a 10 ohm resistor and stuck it in the breadboard. It is my opinion that the amp sounds better with the 220 than it did with the 10 ohm. The arduino is only being used to power the amp, you could just as easily use a 9 volt battery.


Fritzing which is a wonderful program does not have many audio plug to choose from, this i why the black and red wire coming from pin 3 and pin 4 from the LM386 are not connected to anything in the breadboard schematic. But as you can see from my project picture these are running to my audio plug.