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Animetic Story Game 1 Cardcaptor Sakura English Translation.

For fans of the Cardcaptor Sakura series the news of a English translation of Arika’s 1999 Playstation game “Animetic Story Game 1: Cardcaptor Sakura” should be well received. Its basically an adventure/puzzle game that follows the anime’s first season.  A link to the English patch can be found in my YouTube play-through video’s description.


Credit for this translation goes to NoOneee and PsionBolt.

Another update! Translation project!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make a quick update.

I’m still working on growing my YouTube channel, however I have also been working on translating Case of Dungeons for the PC-98. It is a isometric dungeon crawler/ rpg with some innovative mechanics. Best of all it has very little dialogue so it’s perfect for a first time translation project.

I will be posting updates about the project here so stay tuned!